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hand drawn images, cartoon, stylised,
watercolour, realistic, hand lettering,
computer generated 3D modelling!
... red rag design will draw
the stuff to get you noticed!

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a realistic drawing can provide you with the image you need...

using the very latest 3D modelling programs like 3D blender and 4D Cinema, we have all the skills to produce for you a very realistic image... better than a photograph, because it can be changed and shot from any angle, an infinite number of times!... ok, as many times as it takes to say, 'that's a wrap'!

this is particularly useful for product design, or buildings, or exhibition sets, where the item doesn't yet exist to photograph but you need to know what it looks like.

to see more samples email me... no charge.

we may not be walt disney, but can we draw professional cartoons for advertising and promotional design!

we have drawn characters for promotional campaigns, leaving cards for the chairman!...

scribble skills, draughtsmanship and computer styling finish we can draw for you some very slick and cool cartoons... designed to raise a smile and get you noticed!

want to see more examples?... just drop me an email





your customers won't get lost with a bespoke hand drawn map!

looking for a good map to show your customers where you are?... all too often we use google maps, or multimap for building locations... big mistake! (they aren't always accurate or easy to follow)

if you need to convey how simple it can be to find you, or maybe how close you really are to a known location, then you need a clear and stylised map to communicate your location and not lazily let google confuse the situation.

or, perhaps you want to enhance the map with stylishly illustrated landmarks en route... bring the place alive with 3 dimensional views of the map... for the website, what about an animated map!

for more examples of maps, email me

with skilful photo retouching anything really is possible!

from the simplest enhancements, like lightening and improving the contrast of the images, to touching out embarrassing elements, to complete redrawing to make a poor photo perfect, we can do it!...

and it's not cheating. a perfect image of your perfect product is better than what the camera sees, so let's go perfect!

maybe your sales rep has taken the image on his phone and you think it would make a good PR photo... but the magazine will not print it because it is so poor... we know what to do!

send us your photos, via email and we'll show you what we can do!

a hand drawn storyboard, or what we'd call an old fashioned 'visual', helps to communicate a concept of a campaign quickly and with minimum expense!

you need to convey the concept of a video, or a photo-shoot and the use of limited photographs is not helping. the only solution is to have a quick, hand drawn image to illustrate the idea, showing added atmosphere and lighting.

in the olden days, before computers, design studios used marker drawn 'visuals'... today we can still provide just that, only better!

to see more examples email me today.

email or call 0777 9393 618