designing for the computer screen,
to animate, download, upload, email,
send, on CD, online...
... red rag design can design and build
new media stuff to get you noticed!

an animated screensaver is a great way to put a message in front of your own team and improve the look of your office!

let's face it, your company logo with a corporate message, subtly animated on your computers has got to be a little more professional than having flags, balls, or captain kirk's asteriods flying around your sales team's screens!

we can design an effective animation sequence that will be formatted to work on all PC computer platforms, mac or windows.

if you want a bespoke animated screensaver then call me to discuss your ideas on 0777 9393 618 or email me... let's save those screens!

animated gif or flash file to get your message noticed!

used in the right places on your website, or as a banner advert, an animated sequence to communicate your services, or product feature clearly to your customer can often be more effective than a complex static image or loads of boring, long winded text that goes on and on... I should have used one here!

the animation doesn't just have to appear on the internet. I can build animations to be used on interactive CDs, as a computer screensaver or in powerpoint presentations.

so, for a bespoke animated graphic to promote your company and products, email me or give me a call on 0777 9393 618 and let's get things moving! ....(sorry)

a digital brochure that is animated and interactive will get you noticed...

you can achieve far more with an interactive CD than a paper brochure could ever do.

• text that comes alive on the screen compelling the viewer to read your message.

• the facility to have a gallery of images... and images that are animated. showing 3D modelling.

• the ability to have a customer form feedback sent via the internet.

for an interactive CD brochure, call me to discuss your ideas on 0777 9393 618 or email me

powerpoint presentations with professional animation gets noticed for the right reasons!

we use our animation skills to make powerpoint slideshows that turn heads and not stomachs!

with all those effects in your toolbox it's so easy to use them all and send your viewer dizzy. we know how to skilfully use powerpoint to get your message across without any headaches!

don't leave your powerpoint to chance if the presentation needs to get that all important pitch!
call me now on 0777 9393 618 or email me your requirements.

email adverts designed to get noticed in their inbox!

simple, direct and to the point... for a more effective email advertisement you just need to 'KISS' it (Keep It Simple Silly).

we can design the advert and then supply you the html file to send the emails out yourself, or we can manage the campaign and send the emails out for you. we'll need your customers' addresses.

a regular newsletter style is often a great way to keep in touch with your customers, or send them an ad offer they can't refuse!

to discuss your email advert call me on 0777 9393 618 or email me your ideas.

email or call 0777 9393 618